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Trig Web Design now designs websites for Government


Trig Web Design now registered as a CCR Government Vendor


RALEIGH, North Carolina (July 1st, 2012) - After years of providing professional web design services to business and organizations across America, Trig Web Design has expanded it's services to the United States Government, through the GSA programs for Small Business.

Selling websites to the federal government is a lot of responsibility, as the sites are used as information portals, web services and training systems for both public and private use, even military exercises. As Trig Web Design is one of the foremost experts in web applications and design, designing websites for government applications seemed inevitable for the seasoned web design company, with dozens of testimonials on their site citing their expertise and professionalism.

Trig Web Design was started by Charles Triglianos Jr., a computer expert that started his career in 1996 with the opening of his first retail computer repair center in Long Island, NY. During the 10 years his stores served their communities, Mr. Triglianos (Trig) became the "go to" repair center for many local Government agencies, including local police, FBI, CIA and even the NSA. While web design was one of the talents Mr. Trig had, he didn't pursue it full time until after his last store closed in 2006, and he started specializing in Joomla Content Managed Sites.

During the last 6 years since, Trig Web Design has developed hundreds of CMS websites, some with extremely complicated database designs. From e-commerce websites to directory systems, auction sites to school site, Trig has built almost every kind of web site design or application for many satisfied clients across the United States, some even from overseas.

With many schools, government offices and military sites looking to expand or improve their web presence, Trig Web Design is especially suited for the task, with expertise in all web programming languages, web development, graphic design, content writing and even SEO to make their sites more informative, interactive, and functional. Armed with over 9,500 add on programs and the ability to create customized extensions, Mr. Trig is one of the fastest web designers on the planet, able to complete a fully functioning CMS website in a fraction of the time of other web design companies; built with some of the most advanced Web 2.0 systems to make them faster, easier to navigate and more entertaining.

The best part is, Trig Web Design uses Open Source CMS platforms like Joomla so they can keep their prices low; helping communities everywhere by saving local government and schools tax dollars.

Trig Web Design Inc is a pioneer in web development for both commercial and non-profit websites, as well as Local and Federal Government and the US Military. Registered as a Small Business in the CCR Database, as well as the GSA and ORCA systems to sell to the US Military. Mr. Triglianos is an expert in computer technology, encrypted systems and networks, WAN, MAN and VPN networking and has Government Security Clearance. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional, MSDN and SQL / MySQL database expert. To find out more, please visit www.trigwebdesign.com.

Contact: Charles Triglianos Jr., CEO
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(919) 426-2932

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