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Web Design meets SEO


Great Web Design meets superior SEO

Tampa Florida - March 23rd, 2010 - Looking for a great website? Most businesses are. Sure you can get your cousin to do it, but will it be a success online? In the 21st Century, a good website means the difference between Internet success and wasting your time and money.

Twelve year I.T. veteran Trig Web Design, famous for building complete websites in days, has teamed up with Best Edge SEO to provide beautiful, functional websites that get to the top of Google and dozens of other search engines in record time. These incredible websites range in functionality from simple 5 page websites to full e-commerce, blogs, forums, help desks, and more. Their slogan is "If you can dream it, we can build it."

Trig Web Design is a Joomla! CMS master, able to build a full content managed website within 48 hours, and has hundreds of web applications that are 'plug and play'. Some of the more common applications are shopping carts, catalogs, chat rooms, forums and blogs, but also include advanced Web 2.0 applications like Recruitment Agencies, Video Chat systems, Web Magazine systems and much more. Trig has built hundreds of websites for organizations and individuals worldwide, and has been able to keep their web design prices low with fast turn around and open source systems that they helped create.

Best Edge SEO is an organic SEO firm, specializing in non pay per click Internet marketing that has a proven track record of success. Without spending a penny on pay per click or other expensive advertising campaigns, Best Edge has placed dozens of websites at the top of Google for their hottest keywords, as well as social networking marketing, article writing and press releases that get even the smallest company noticed.

Together, Trig and Best Edge have the ability to produce amazing web designs built from the ground up with SEO in mind. Every page, article and product page is individually optimized and submitted to every major search engine, and our local SEO techniques can get an existing business to the top of Google in an hour! The best part is, the site is done in a week!

"This partnership is a match made in heaven" says Charlie Trig, owner and developer of the fast deployment systems that make Trig Web Design famous. "With Best Edge's sales and SEO ability, we now have the opportunity to provide great websites to businesses that desperately need them. Even with a bad economy, we have proven time and time again that our clients can prosper while their competition fails - all with the power and reach of the Internet". Both Trig and Best Edge have excellent client retention rates, with some clients being with them for over 7 years.

Jeffery DeArmond, owner of Best Edge SEO had this to say: "We were amazed at the speed and accuracy of (Trig's) designs; Charlie has been able to deliver completed websites in a matter of days, drastically increasing our ability to sell and deliver a finished website to our clients. Instead of a new customer waiting weeks for even a mock-up, they now get a completed website in days! This gives us the freedom to sell any type of website with any number of advanced web applications faster than any of our competition; and all of our clients are in the top of Google!"

With a combined experience of 20 years in web design and SEO, Trig Web Design and Best Edge SEO are poised to capture a large piece of the web design market. Both are based in St. Petersburg Florida, with offices in Raleigh, Daytona, Cleveland and Long Island, New York.

Charles Trig
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
St. Petersburg, FL
Ph: 727-235-8128

Jeffery DeArmond
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St. Petersburg, FL
Ph: 727-290-9527