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Non-Profit Web Design

Trig Web Design has developed some of the largest and most complicated websites in the world, some with tens of thousands of pages, Enterprise-Level document managers, advanced User Access rules and much more. We know what is required by law, and specialize in custom solutions for our clients.

Non-Profit Websites Done Right

The best nonprofit websites use verbiage, imagery, interactive features and UX Design to capture visitor attention and inspire them to take action for a good cause.

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non-profit web design

Enterprise-level CMS

While WordPress is a descent Blog CMS, the Joomla CMS is more powerful, more secure, has better plugins and support.

Section 508 Compliant

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that agencies must provide people with disabilities access to information comparable to the access available to others

Powerful Plugins

Paid Event & Calendar Managers, Donation and Campaign Managers, Document Managers, Employee Portal, Custom Access Levels, Automatic Social Media posting, Language Translators, SEO & more.

Outstanding Web & Graphic Design

Our experts will create an engaging, colorful website that reflects your organization and cause. Stock Photography, graphic design and great content writing all go into a great non-profit website.

Hacker Protection

Non-Profit Websites are constantly under attack from malicious actors worldwide. Our Admin Tools Security Suite detects, reports and blocks hackers, spammers, bad bots and much more.

Optimized for SUCCESS

Our developers are also SEO Experts, who code websites with optimization in mind. Streamlined code, keyword placement and copy-editing content all go into great SEO.

Packed With Features
Your Team Will Love

CMS Websites

Easy Edits

Easily edit your own website, or simply email us the changes you want.


Monitor Metrics

Using Statcounters and Analytics, you know in real-time who is using your website.

Increase Traffic

With optimized content and off-page SEO, you'll enjoy more organic traffic and get more interested visitors.

Section 508 Compliant

Accessibility options provide easy-to-read content and other elements to help those with disabilities see and use your website.

Single Project Manager

Your project is assigned to a Webmaster and team that will remain the same throughout the build, and after you go live.

Secure Hosting

Your website and / or Intranet is completely secure from hackers, spammers and bad bots with our Hacker Blocker Hosting.