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NH Web Design Company
The NH Web Design Company

Web Design. It's What We Do.

We Are The Premier Web Design Company in NH, Serving New England Since 2006

What does it mean to be a NH Web Design Company?

New Hampshire

A Special Place

New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful places in the USA to live and work, with great people and a rich history. It's proximity to Massachusetts and the city of Boston helps the local economy, and allows residents to enjoy it's culture, sights and diversity. Southern NH attracts Mass shoppers looking to save money on sales tax, and many work in MA and live in NH.

Being from NY originally, I personally was surprised at how friendly everyone in New Hampshire are. People that I never met wave and say hi, while others go as far as to introduce themselves and are genuinely interested in just knowing you. As outgoing as I am, I found that more than just gratifying, I felt like I was finally home.


NH Web Design Company

So why hire a NH-based web design company?

Because we sit around all winter, that's why! We're stuck in our homes, coding and programming for weeks on end, because we can barely get out of the driveway after the plows stack 5 feet of at the end of it. Our developers are frequently seen on Zoom with stacked pizza boxes and Monster drinks as they whittle away the winter months typing away merrily.

Because of the NH lifestyle and colder weather, it's no surprise that we have a lot of programmers here. Some of the best web designers in America are right here, working for Trig Web Design. Many are from outside the state originally, but came here for various reasons and fell in love with it.

We're proud New Englanders, we love the Red Sox, the Patriots and all that the area is famous for. In our opinion, there is no better place to live in the USA!

Our Process

Your new website design is built LIVE on our development servers so you can view, participate and approve before publishing.

Getting Started

Getting Started

We take the time to listen to you about your vision, your passion for your organization, and what your expectations are. Perform competitive analysis and choose your layout, colors and typography.

Build Website

Watch While We Build

Your new site is built on our LIVE development servers so you can participate in the design and development. Provide content, choose images and work with your webmaster 1-on-1.

Publish Your Website

Easy Publishing

Once you approve, we will take the website LIVE on your domain with a few simple changes to your DNS. Once live, we'll submit the website, get your YEXT PowerListing online and start getting you traffic!


Audit & Submissions

Once published, our SEO experts run a final audit on your new site, tweak your content and get your SEO score as high as possible. We then submit your site to Google, Bing and hundreds of Directories that build basic backlinks.

Web Security

Activate Security

Once published, your security tools are activated to detect, report and block attacks on your website, keeping you safe from hacking, spam and attacks.

Website Updates

Unlimited Updates

Tired of getting charged for every change to your website? With our package, there is never any extra charges for content changes! Keep your website updated and relevant for your customers by just sending us an email with your updates.