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Why hiring American is so important

Oct 01, 2013

So you've got a great Domain name and now you're ready to build a website. Or maybe you've been around a long time and you're looking to rebuild your existing site. Either way, you need a web designer if you want it done professionally and not like your cousin Frank did it. Where do you start? Who should you hire? Why not hire a guy in India? Here are a few reasons to hire an American web design company.

made in usaWhen you're hiring a web design company, there are few considerations right up front; budget and time frame. Some web design companies aren't much more than sales floors with nerdy agents, outsourcing all the work from Project Management to web and graphic design. The number of companies that actually so the work "in house" are dwindling and the others won't tell you up front. Here's a few warning signs that you're about to be taken for a ride.

1. How much should a website cost?

You should never pay too much or too little for a web design. A good, professional website will cost you about $900 for a 5 page CMS website, and about $150 per page after that. Pages should include graphic placement, a little optimization and be written by someone who understands pop culture. If you are providing all the content, do not blame your designer when you get little conversions or traffic, as poorly written content affects both your Google placement and conversion rates (sales, calls or other ways to sell your visitor).

2. How long should it take to build a website?

Typically, websites these days are built from highly advanced and pliable templates that are easily customized for your style, colors and image. A full CMS website either Wordpress or Joomla based can take literally 60 minutes to build a great framework. Once built, the template can be customized very quickly, so you can reasonably expect 30 days to build a small to medium website. If you need 100 pages, expect to wait longer; it's all about reasonable expectations.

Note to E-Commerce customers: An e-commerce site can take between 30 and 90 days, depending on complexity and extra features.

3. Why Hire an American Web Designer?

First of all, there are many obvious reasons we should all inherently understand why hiring American is important, from jobs to the economy. In the case of web design, American programmers understand your customer better than anyone from overseas. This is the main reason for building a website; to sell a product, service or share information for fun and profit.

Now, that being said, when a nice Indian gentleman writes your website in New Delhi, it is very difficult to contact him during the day to share ideas or instruct in edits. This sets up an unnecessary chain of contact, involving Project Managers, email and delays in your site's construction. Many times, these edit requests are not even performed, resulting in pissed off owners and in some cases, lawsuits.

On a personal note

As a web designer of over 15 years, I personally have seen the result of overseas web designers, with owners telling me their stories of woe and how they wished they had found me first. You can hire Trig Web Design if you wish, and we appreciate your business; but if you don't, please at least hire a professional web designer that's here in the USA. Your money will stay here in America, and a bad website is sometimes worse than no website at all.