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Websites Made in the USA

Jan 11, 2012

For a few years now, I have been talking about the evils of outsourcing, especially when it comes to intellectual services like web design, e-commerce and SEO services. After years of watching business after business get a raw deal from web design companies that outsource to India, I want to share with you why it's so important to get a website design from an American web developer.

Why is web design made in America important?

If you're a business owner in America, you need an American web designer to create content and imagery that reflects your business, blended with pop-culture and a dash of creativity. While I take my hat off to Indian web designers that can build a website in 9 months (we take 2 weeks), they simply cannot understand what "touches" the American consumer any more than I know how to appeal to residents of Mumbai.

When you hire a professional American born web designer, he (or she) is a product of American television, understands pop-culture and the nuances of the English language, and knows how to create the excitement and calls to action your website needs to succeed. While it is true that most visitors only "skim" your content, making disjointed English from outsourced designs tolerable, there are some that will read your site carefully, and formulate their opinion of you based on that content. Are you sure you're giving the right first impression?

Keep American Jobs in America

For over 10 years, I have worked to keep American jobs in America, by hiring only American workers for web development and design. Many of my competitors have already outsourced most of their top paying jobs and hire a minimal office staff, then claim they are hiring American while 90% of their workforce is overseas. Not only that, but the average turn around time for a website is more than 3 months! One of the main reasons for this is the enormous turn-over of web design jobs in India; they are so poorly paid that some of them only stay in one company for a few weeks. This means your website project is passed along to new employees, each one having to relearn your business and essentially start all over.

Please think hard before you hire a web design company that will outsource your web design - the job you save could be your own.