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Hiring a Reputable Web Designer

Apr 26, 2011

Web DesignerI usually avoid ranting, as I think it's a little demeaning (except for comedians) but I have to speak out about what's going on in the web design business. For a long time I have watched web design companies stick it to their clients by overcharging, under-delivering and taking months (or never) to complete a project. Most of these infractions are by one-man firms who bite off more than they can chew. Others are overwhelmed by the number of projects they get, so they let some clients slip through the cracks. The bad part is now I come along, knowing I can help them, but now I have to really earn their trust. It gets frustrating be able to help so many people with my abilities, and have those same people distrust my entire profession due to a few unscrupulous designers.

Of course, there are always two sides to every story, and I'm sure giving web designers the benefit of the doubt is the right thing to do; but there is one disturbing practice that is spreading through the entire web design community; outsourcing.

Not just a little outsourcing either. I mean full to the hilt outsourcing of all departments starting with web designers, SEO specialists, then project managers and then finally sales and office staff. The end result is a skeleton crew of staff (if any), while India and The Philippines get all the money for doing shoddy work. Not only is this bad for business and the economy, it is devastating on the people that took their jobs in good faith that they wouldn't be sold out to the lowest bidder. The worst part is that the customer now suffers as well, with bad design, really bad content, and hardly any SEO (unless you pay extra).

My company is outsource free, and I pledge to my staff that I will not outsource their jobs, and we will keep American dollars in America; employ only American Citizens, and continue to build the best websites money can buy. You can count on Trig Web Design showing the way to an outsource-free industry, and hopefully our success will be an inspiration to other industries to stop the outsourcing that is killing our country.

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