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Relocating your Business Online

Jul 15, 2015

seoWith many directories like Superpages and YellowBook using services like Yext to update their systems, it has become both easier and more expensive to update your business addresses online in the event of a move. Even Yahoo now uses Yext to update their directory, and no longer accept free submissions, like the rest of them; all except Google, of course.

While your Google business listing is free, and easy to maintain, Yext charges upwards of $100 per month for their Powerlistings program, which puts your business in all of the major directories, and puts your profile in the spotlight. The question is, is it worth it? The short answer is yes, and here's why: Google Ranking.

yext logoFor local businesses, top Google ranking is essential for foot traffic, and servicing an area. If you create a well optimized Google business listing, and are near the center of your service area, you should populate when someone searches for your business keywords right? Um, maybe not. If your competitors have been there before you, they may have "boosted" their ranking with some savvy SEO techniques, including a Yext listing. Yext listings are seen by Google and re-enforce your Google business listing. These listings on other directories are counted by Google, and add validity to your business' location.

But Yext is not a magic bullet, either. If you are lucky enough to not have a lot of competition in your area, good for you! But for the rest of us, we have to do a little more. Optimization of your landing page (usually your home page) is very important to both organic SEO and low cost Pay Per Click, and should have your address with the proper Micro-Data markup. You should also consider creating a Google Plus page, as well as a Facebook page. Google also started ranking Tweets from Twitter as well, so get social!

So to recap, to get a good local listing for your business going, you should:

  1. Optimize your Website, and make sure your address is on it with Micro-Data
  2. Create a Google Business Listing and Google+ page
  3. Submit your XML sitemap to Google Sitemaps
  4. Create a Yext account and buy the Powerlistings program for 1 year
  5. Consider a Google Adwords Express ad to get top rank immediately, then taper off as your organic listing comes up
  6. DO NOT OVER SUBMIT! Follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines

If you need help, our experts are always here to get you top ranking! Call (866) 570-1003 today.