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Getting a Quote for Website Design

Aug 20, 2018

Generating a quote for web design is based on many factors. The design, style and level of expertise dictates the "core" price, while other factors include the number of pages, add-on programs such as Event Booking or E-Commerce, and database manipulation like importing contacts or products. Oh, and don't forget SEO and content writing, which is the most important aspect of any website. More about that later.

Let's take these parts one at a time:

Style & Theme - Every website starts with a 'theme' or template. These templates are available in thousands of styles, layouts and prices, from free to professional grade. We only use professionally licensed themes from top CMS theme designers from around the world.

Add-ons - CMS sites like Joomla and WordPress have plugins and extensions that increase the form and function of the CMS. Extensions such as SEO systems, caching, e-commerce shops, calendars, slideshows, extended forms, everything outside of the pages and blog are Extensions that cost anywhere from $0 to $1000.

Importing existing data - This aspect of web development is often taken for granted by clients, but requires the most amount of skill and database knowledge. Not to import the data, but to know how to clean and organize the data before importing. This always turns out to be the biggest issue with database manipulation, then corruption of the database. The more data you have, and the more it needs to be scrubbed for errors, the more expensive the process.

Your quote is based on your needs, our expertise, your market and your competition. Use our online Web Design Estimate Form to get a ballpark on what your web design and development would cost. Call us for package discounts on more complicated design.