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Google Partners Program Launches

Oct 02, 2013

google partnersTrig Web Design is now a member of the Google Partner Program, and is certified in Google Adwords Management and SEO. We have helped many clients large and small use Google to it's full potential, and can help your business get new customers almost overnight. The new Google Partner Program assures businesses that the agency they are trusting with their Adwords campaigns knows what they're doing.

Google Adwords and Adwords Express have evolved drastically over the years. Based on the feedback of millions, Google has worked hard to make their Pay-Per-Click programs more effective, relevant and cost effective for businesses. Trig Web Design has been in it from the beginning, and has learned along with Google the best practices to be successful using Google Adwords, Adwords Express, Google Places and good old-fashioned SEO.

Google Adwords is a little complicated for business owners to use, especially when they are busy trying to run their business. To write a successful ad, you need a combination of keyword research, ad writing and landing page optimization to build a campaign that will give you a Return on Investment. Luckily, a Google Partner is an agency you know you can trust to do such a campaign.

Google Adwords Express is a fantastic program for businesses that want to advertise in their local area. Tied into your existing Google Places account, Adwords Express puts your ad right in front of local users searching for your services and products, in a radius around your business you can dictate.

Trig Web Design can help you with your Adwords campaigns and ensure you get the most bang for your advertising buck. We have helped many clients get new business, usually within 24 hours of starting their campaign. Call us today for more details at 919-426-2932.

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