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Intranet Website Design

Many organizations struggle with internal network sites, commonly called Intranets, more than their public website. In many cases, Intranets are overlooked, even if they barely get the job done. Many Intranets we've seen are woefully out of date, with little to no security, and with no one able to edit or update the site.

Some of the industries and Organizations that use Intranets:

  • Businesses
  • Banks
  • Newspapers and Agencies
  • Factories & Manufacturing
  • Non-Profits
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centers
  • Municipalities
  • Government Offices
  • US Military

Some of the programs we can include in our Intranets:

  • Sales & Customer Management (CRM)
  • Document Management
  • Contact Directory
  • Custom Access Levels
  • Event Management
  • News and Information w/ Version Rollback
  • Advanced Editors & Navigation
  • Language Translators
  • User Alerts & Emails
  • Automated Backup and Restore
Every Intranet is different, but have similar goals - to inform, collaborate and communicate among staff and managers. We've built successful Intranets for hospitals, medical centers, non-profit organizations and businesses, all with different needs. We specialize in Customization to suit your needs.

Streamline operations and procedures. How much time do your staff waste looking for documents or policies they need? How do you ensure they're not using out-of-date versions? With our Document Managers and User Access Levels controlling content, our Intranets are secure, easy to use and easily updated.

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Some common Intranet Software and Systems include:
Intranet Benefits
  1. Secure, Internal Document Sharing & Management
    Our DocMAN system has an array of features such as advanced permissions, Access Levels and unlimited categories. Standard ACLs include Admin, Manager, Editor, Publisher, Author, Registered User and Guest (Public). Our Document Manager systems are an affordable alternative to expensive options such as SharePoint, and are easy to use and manage. Setup Categories, upload your files and automatically create downloadable "Documents" accessible to Everyone, specific Groups, or even an individual user.
  2. Custom Access Levels
    As mentioned above, our systems come with 7 Access Levels or ACLs. Quickly and easily add as many ACLs you wish, and assign specific permissions for site sections, menus, menu items, documents, and much more.
  3. Internal Employee Directory
    For larger organizations, having a secure phone / employee directory is essential for communication, and being able to edit it is vital. Contact Enhanced for Joomla is the go-to extension for a full employee phone directory, with options for just a phone list, or full bio for all or just some employees (like Executives). Easy to manage, it has import and export tools for Excel to quickly manage bulk listings, up to thousands of listings in minutes.
  4. Company Information Notifications
    Our systems have Mass Email and Instant Messaging software to communicate with all, some or just one user. Combined with the native Joomla article system, we can create sections only accessible by a certain Access Level, all Authorized Users or just all. Notices, company info, employee guides, operations manual, upcoming events, even snow days can be easily created and emailed to all members.
  5. Discussion Boards, Forums, Feedback Forms
    Ideation and Innovation are critical to a company's growth. We have various options for Employee Discussion boards, Forums, Feedback forms and essential Social Intranet systems.
  6. Smart Search
    Find anything on the Intranet from articles to documents easily, with advanced search boxes that populate as you type.
  7. Local or Cloud Based
    The Intranet can be ‘hosted’ on any Operating System including Windows, Linux / Unix, or Solaris. It can run it on a local network, or we can host it on our ultra-secure Cloud servers. Even hosted on a local network, it can be accessed through outside portals, setup by your IT staff.
  8. Employee Logins & Active Directory
    We provide numerous Authentication options including secure logins, Active Directory authentication, even Facebook or Google Authentication for existing Logins on public portals.
  9. Advanced Security
    All of our Intranet systems come with security tools that detect attacks, block them and report them to an admin. Attacks can come from the outside world (if they have a portal to it) or even from within their network. Too many attempted logins, DDoS attacks, attempting to upload a virus, SQL injections and many more hacking techniques are automatically blocked. Our Cloud Servers have Hacker Blocker™, our proprietary hacker blocking software that actively blocks millions of known hacker IP address from around the world.
  10. Audio, Video Playback
    We include systems to play any kind of audio or video file, either from a local file or online system such as YouTube. We also have library systems to organize these files and assign permission levels for access.
  11. Mobile Friendly Design
    Our Intranets are fully responsive systems, so look great on desktops, notepads or cellphones.
  12. Easy Administration
    We use the Joomla! CMS, the choice for secure Intranet sites. We train your staff to use the Admin interface, an intuitive, easy to use system to quickly edit or add content, documents, videos or anything else.
  13. Automated Backups
    We include automatic and manual backup software that can automate backups of specific folders, files or the entire Intranet system. These backups can be stored in a local or network folder, server or in the Cloud.

There are over 7,000 Apps for our Intranet CMS, and we don't use WordPress or other hard-to-manage CMS systems - we use the platform of choice for Intranets, Joomla! CMS. Contact us today to find out how we can breathe new life into your Intranet, facilitate communication between personnel, and streamline your operations.